Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

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Scribe Angeronia can be found in Katta Castrum: Deluge, and sells The Darkened Sea Rank 1 spells for Necromancer and Shadow Knight.

Scroll: Aegis of Japac
Scroll: Annihilation
Scroll: Bestow Doom
Scroll: Blood of Bonemaw
Scroll: Bond of Bonemaw
Scroll: Bonemaw's Bite
Scroll: Call Skeleton Mob
Scroll: Cascading Doomshield
Scroll: Chaotic Liquefaction
Scroll: Combust Bones
Scroll: Darkwater Manacles
Scroll: Deadskin
Scroll: Deceitful Blight
Scroll: Deceitful Deflection
Scroll: Dire Declaration
Scroll: Dire Strangulation
Scroll: Disgust
Scroll: Distasteful Bargain
Scroll: Drape of the Wrathforged
Scroll: Dreadful Shriek
Scroll: Forgottenside
Scroll: Gift of Lutzen
Scroll: Glistenwing Venom
Scroll: Grasping Darkness
Scroll: Grip of Jabaum
Scroll: Hemorrhage Essence
Scroll: Icy Mending
Scroll: Ignite Synapses
Scroll: Ilsaria's Swift Sickness
Scroll: Imbue Ally
Scroll: Impose for Blood
Scroll: Impose for Power
Scroll: Liquefaction
Scroll: Liquefying Venin
Scroll: Livianus' Decay
Scroll: Livio's Covenant
Scroll: Marmat's Swift Deconstruction
Scroll: Marmat's Swift Lifedraw
Scroll: Mazub's Flashblaze
Scroll: Mental Dread
Scroll: Miktokla's Shade
Scroll: Mind Extraction
Scroll: Minion of Vizat
Scroll: Mortiferous Wounds
Scroll: Plague of Holmein
Scroll: Plexipharia's Command
Scroll: Plexipharia's Grasp
Scroll: Plexipharia's Pallid Haze
Scroll: Pyre of Jorobb
Scroll: Pyre of the Lost
Scroll: Revived Assassin
Scroll: Serisaria's Swift Venom
Scroll: Shield of Consequence
Scroll: Shield of the Pellarus
Scroll: Shroud of the Doomscale
Scroll: Sigil of the Doomscale
Scroll: Smouldering Shadow
Scroll: Soulrend
Scroll: Spear of Vizat
Scroll: Spreading Darkness
Scroll: Staunch Stance
Scroll: Stormreaper's Proclamation
Scroll: Terror of Narus
Scroll: Torrent of Misery
Scroll: Touch of Holmein
Scroll: Touch of Lutzen
Scroll: Vizat's Horror
Scroll: Vizat's Skin
Tome: Breather
Tome: Carmine Blade
Tome: Doomscale Mantle
Tome: Lacerating Blade
Tome: Repel
Tome: Unflinching Acrimony
Tome: Vizat's Carapace