Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

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Scribe Canicus can be found in Katta Castrum: Deluge, and sells The Darkened Sea Rank 1 spells for Wizard and Magician.

Scroll: Aegis of Japac
Scroll: Aegis of Satum
Scroll: Armor of the Codex
Scroll: Beam of Molten Shieldstone
Scroll: Bolt of Molten Shieldstone
Scroll: Burnout XII
Scroll: Chaos Scintillation
Scroll: Chaotic Benefaction
Scroll: Circle of Flameweaving
Scroll: Claw of the Flameweaver
Scroll: Claw of the Indagatori
Scroll: Claw of the Oceanlord
Scroll: Cloudburst Stormstrike
Scroll: Combusting Beam
Scroll: Concussive Storm
Scroll: Convocation of Air
Scroll: Convocation of Earth
Scroll: Convocation of Fire
Scroll: Convocation of Water
Scroll: Corona of Flame
Scroll: Coronal Rain
Scroll: Coronal Skin
Scroll: Dark Symbiosis
Scroll: Darkmist Guard
Scroll: Darksteel Malosenete
Scroll: Darkwater Torrent
Scroll: Doomscale Husk
Scroll: Eradicate the Unnatural
Scroll: Ethereal Flash
Scroll: Ethereal Fuse
Scroll: Ethereal Rimeblast
Scroll: Ethereal Skyblaze
Scroll: Fickle Conflagration
Scroll: Flameweave Coat
Scroll: Flashchar
Scroll: Flashrime
Scroll: Forked Lightning
Scroll: Funnel of the Frostdeep
Scroll: Grant Calix's Heirlooms
Scroll: Grant Thassis' Armaments
Scroll: Grant Thassis' Plate
Scroll: Iceflame Armaments
Scroll: Katelanara
Scroll: Leap of Stormbolts
Scroll: Lightning Storm
Scroll: Lure of the Depths
Scroll: Magmatic Burst
Scroll: Malosenete
Scroll: Mass Dark Transvergence
Scroll: Narendi's Fire
Scroll: Plasmalure
Scroll: Praetorian Guardian
Scroll: Promised Invigoration
Scroll: Quiescent Harvest
Scroll: Rain of Cutlasses
Scroll: Remorseless Servant
Scroll: Remote Remorseless Servant
Scroll: Renewal of Calix
Scroll: Rimeblast Cascade
Scroll: Searing Blast
Scroll: Searing Sands
Scroll: Shield of Consequence
Scroll: Shield of the Pellarus
Scroll: Shieldstone Bodyguard
Scroll: Shieldstone Stance
Scroll: Shock of Darksteel
Scroll: Silverstorm Pillar
Scroll: Skyblaze Pillar
Scroll: Spear of Molten Shieldstone
Scroll: Storm of Many
Scroll: Summon Mutinous Minion
Scroll: Summon Mutinous Servant
Scroll: Synapsefreeze
Scroll: Tears of Narendi
Scroll: Telanara
Scroll: Thricewoven Stormstrike
Scroll: Wand of Dark Modulation
Scroll: Wildflash Barrage
Scroll: Yulin's Pyroblade