Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

Bard -=- Beastlord -=- Berserker -=- Cleric -=- Druid -=- Enchanter -=- Magician -=- Monk -=- Necromancer -=- Paladin -=- Ranger -=- Rogue -=- Shadow Knight -=- Shaman -=- Warrior -=- Wizard

Scribe Galenus can be found in Katta Castrum: Deluge, and sells The Darkened Sea Rank 1 spells for Bard and Enchanter.

Scroll: Aegis of Gordianus
Scroll: Aegis of the Indagator
Scroll: Anodyne Stare
Scroll: Augmenting Aura
Scroll: Bafflement
Scroll: Bewilder
Scroll: Bewildering Constriction
Scroll: Bewildering Flash
Scroll: Brimstone Resolution
Scroll: Captivation
Scroll: Chaotic Bewildering
Scroll: Chromarift
Scroll: Chromatic Blink
Scroll: Color Concourse
Scroll: Darkened Auspice
Scroll: Darkened Rune
Scroll: Deadening Wave
Scroll: Decree of Tashan
Scroll: Dizzying Storm
Scroll: Drown
Scroll: Echo of Pacification
Scroll: Enticer's Aura
Scroll: Enticer's Command
Scroll: Enticer's Echo
Scroll: Enticer's Rune
Scroll: Enticer's Unity
Scroll: Frightening Rune
Scroll: Gordianus' Animation
Scroll: Hastening of Prokev
Scroll: Intellectual Appropriation
Scroll: Issuance of Mana Reciprocation
Scroll: Legion of Lucem
Scroll: Legion of the Indagator
Scroll: Mana Reciprocation
Scroll: Mana Reciprocation Aura
Scroll: Mind Storm
Scroll: Mindsunder
Scroll: Pacified Mind
Scroll: Pacifying Issuance
Scroll: Perilous Bafflement
Scroll: Polyrefractive Assault
Scroll: Polyrefractive Rune
Scroll: Precognition
Scroll: Remote Color Concourse
Scroll: Rune of Lucem
Scroll: Runic Torrent Aura
Scroll: Shield of Consequence
Scroll: Shield of the Pellarus
Scroll: Speed of Prokev
Scroll: Tears of Visius
Scroll: Undermining Helix
Scroll: Voice of Precognition
Scroll: Ward of the Enticer
Song: Allaying Accelerando
Song: Arcane Melody
Song: Aria of Maetanrus
Song: Aura of Maetanrus
Song: Aura of Sionachie
Song: Chorus of Sionachie
Song: Echo of Maetanrus
Song: Echo of Sionachie
Song: Echoing Barrier
Song: Fatesong of Jocelyn
Song: Fjilnauk's Insult
Song: Fjilnauk's Song of Suffering
Song: Fjilnauk's Spiteful Lyric
Song: Horthin's Chant of Disease
Song: Horthin's Psalm of Potency
Song: Kirchen's Chant of Frost
Song: Lullaby of Silisia
Song: Nilsara's Aria
Song: Nilsara's Chant of Flame
Song: Pulse of Sionachie
Song: Rytan's Reckless Renewal
Song: Serisaria's Chant of Poison
Song: Silence of Silisia
Song: Silisia's Lively Crescendo
Song: Slumber of Silisia
Song: Voice of Silisia
Song: War March of Jocelyn
Song: Wave of Torpor