Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

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Scribe Philyra can be found in Katta Castrum: Deluge, and sells The Darkened Sea Rank 1 spells for Druid and Ranger.

Scroll: Adrenaline Torrent
Scroll: Anabatic Roar
Scroll: Anticipated Shots
Scroll: Argent Moonbeam
Scroll: Argent Thornmaw
Scroll: Arrowrain
Scroll: Beast's Bidding
Scroll: Bellow of the Predator
Scroll: Blisterbeetle Swarm
Scroll: Blizzard Breath
Scroll: Chant of the Kromtus
Scroll: Chill of the Copsetender
Scroll: Cloak of Nettlespears
Scroll: Cloudfont
Scroll: Column of Ro
Scroll: Consuming Sunray
Scroll: Copsestalker's Unity
Scroll: Copsestalker's Vigor
Scroll: Copsetender's Breeze
Scroll: Copsetender's Unity
Scroll: Crush of Ro
Scroll: Cyclone of Arrows
Scroll: Daggerspur Bulwark
Scroll: Daggerspur Coat
Scroll: Daggerthorn
Scroll: Daggerthorn Rush
Scroll: Desperate Dousing
Scroll: Devastating Swords
Scroll: Drifting Darkness
Scroll: Energized by the Hunt
Scroll: Eradicate the Unnatural
Scroll: Eyes of the Harrier
Scroll: Ferocious Growth
Scroll: Focused Arrowrain
Scroll: Frostweave Aura
Scroll: Frostweave Crystals
Scroll: Frozen Wind
Scroll: Heartsplit
Scroll: Heliacal Pyre
Scroll: Horde of Aculeids
Scroll: Jolting Swords
Scroll: Kromtus Balm
Scroll: Legacy of Daggerspurs
Scroll: Lingering Darkness
Scroll: Lunasoothe
Scroll: Mask of the Copsetender
Scroll: Moonbright Frost
Scroll: Nature's Fiery Wrath
Scroll: Nature's Serenity
Scroll: Nettlespear Coat
Scroll: Panavida
Scroll: Pellicle of the Reptile
Scroll: Plummeting Hail
Scroll: Promised Regeneration
Scroll: Protection of the Forest
Scroll: Ravencoat
Scroll: Remote Moonflame
Scroll: Remote Sunflash
Scroll: Resurgence
Scroll: Roaring Weapons
Scroll: Shield of Nettlespears
Scroll: Shieldstone Blessing
Scroll: Shieldstone Skin
Scroll: Shimmering Veil
Scroll: Shout of the Copsestalker
Scroll: Spirit of the Faithful
Scroll: Strength of the Copsestalker
Scroll: Summer Sunfire
Scroll: Summer's Cyclone
Scroll: Sunfire Blessing
Scroll: Sunflash
Scroll: Survival of the Serendipitous
Scroll: Swarm of Glistenwings
Scroll: Talisman of the Faithful
Scroll: Tectonic Destruction
Scroll: Typhoon of the Stormborn
Scroll: Unblemished Blood
Scroll: Wildfire Ash
Scroll: Wildfire Boon
Scroll: Windborne Chill
Scroll: Windgale Boon
Scroll: Winter's Wildflame
Tome: Breather
Tome: Copsestalker's Discipline
Tome: Enraging Cut Kicks
Tome: Jolting Cut Kicks
Tome: Squall of Blades