Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

Bard -=- Beastlord -=- Berserker -=- Cleric -=- Druid -=- Enchanter -=- Magician -=- Monk -=- Necromancer -=- Paladin -=- Ranger -=- Rogue -=- Shadow Knight -=- Shaman -=- Warrior -=- Wizard

Scribe Psyche can be found in Katta Castrum: Deluge, and sells The Darkened Sea Rank 1 spells for Shaman and Beastlord.

Scroll: Aegis of Japac
Scroll: Blood of Rivans
Scroll: Breath of Hemocoraxius
Scroll: Chant of the Kromtus
Scroll: Cry at the Moon
Scroll: Ferocious Growth
Scroll: Focus of Okasi
Scroll: Frozen Miasma
Scroll: Garugaru
Scroll: Glacial Gift
Scroll: Glistenwing Blood
Scroll: Growl of the Leopard
Scroll: Halcyon Bluster
Scroll: Hemocoraxius' Endemic
Scroll: Historian's Intervention
Scroll: Ice Squall
Scroll: Kirchen's Chill
Scroll: Krasir's Mending
Scroll: Krasir's Recourse
Scroll: Kreig's Bite
Scroll: Krenk's Feralgia
Scroll: Kromtus Lance
Scroll: Kromtus Roar
Scroll: Livio's Affliction
Scroll: Livio's Malosenia
Scroll: Malosenete
Scroll: Mending Warder
Scroll: Natural Affiliation
Scroll: Nectar of Woe
Scroll: Olesira's Faithful
Scroll: Pack of Olesira
Scroll: Promised Invigoration
Scroll: Reckless Regeneration
Scroll: Reef Crawler Blood
Scroll: Reefmaw's Bite
Scroll: Regenerating Counterbias
Scroll: Sabhattin's Mending
Scroll: Salve of Clorith
Scroll: Sekmoset's Aggression
Scroll: Sekmoset's Protection
Scroll: Sephry's Malady
Scroll: Serisaria's Spear of Venom
Scroll: Serpentil's Venom
Scroll: Shear of Renewal
Scroll: Sluggishness
Scroll: Spellbreaker's Palisade
Scroll: Spirespine's Pandemic
Scroll: Spirit of Avalit
Scroll: Spirit of the Faithful
Scroll: Spirit of Visoracius
Scroll: Spiritual Elaboration
Scroll: Spiritual Vivification
Scroll: Sraskus' Curse
Scroll: Sraskus' Drowse
Scroll: Stormblood's Unity
Scroll: Talisman of the Doomscale
Scroll: Talisman of the Faithful
Scroll: Talisman of the Leopard
Scroll: Tirik's Melioration
Scroll: Tribal Pact
Scroll: Unity of the Doomscale
Scroll: Visoracius' Maelstrom
Scroll: Ward of Regeneration
Tome: Breather
Tome: Maul
Tome: Tempest of Claws