Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

Bard -=- Beastlord -=- Berserker -=- Cleric -=- Druid -=- Enchanter -=- Magician -=- Monk -=- Necromancer -=- Paladin -=- Ranger -=- Rogue -=- Shadow Knight -=- Shaman -=- Warrior -=- Wizard

Scribe Valerian can be found in Katta Castrum: Deluge, and sells The Darkened Sea Rank 1 spells for Cleric and Paladin.

Scroll: Admonish
Scroll: Ardent Acquittal
Scroll: Ardent Cleansing
Scroll: Ardent Contravention
Scroll: Ardent Elixir
Scroll: Ardent Force
Scroll: Ardent Fury
Scroll: Ardent Hammer of Zeal
Scroll: Ardent Light
Scroll: Ardent Purity
Scroll: Ardent Touch
Scroll: Armor of Formidable Spirit
Scroll: Armor of the Ardent
Scroll: Aurora of Dayspring
Scroll: Awecrush
Scroll: Blessed Light
Scroll: Brell's Stalwart Bulwark
Scroll: Brilliant Vindication
Scroll: Burst of Dayspring
Scroll: Chromabash
Scroll: Consecration
Scroll: Convalescent Splash
Scroll: Crush of Povar
Scroll: Crush of the Darkened Sea
Scroll: Depurate
Scroll: Divine Indemnification
Scroll: Divine Indemnity
Scroll: Doctrine of Rescission
Scroll: Dulcify
Scroll: Elixir of the Seas
Scroll: Eradicate the Undead
Scroll: Fervid Renewal
Scroll: Force of Ardency
Scroll: Force of the Darkened Sea
Scroll: Glorious Judgment
Scroll: Greater Ward of Vie
Scroll: Grief
Scroll: Hand of the Stormbound Keeper
Scroll: Impose for Honor
Scroll: Issuance of Spirit
Scroll: Justice
Scroll: Lesson of Grief
Scroll: Mark of Krausig
Scroll: Mark of the Commander
Scroll: Mark of the Vicarum
Scroll: Mystical Intervention
Scroll: Nullify Corruption
Scroll: Pacifying Glow
Scroll: Promised Rehabilitation
Scroll: Protective Proclamation
Scroll: Rallied Greater Ward of Vie
Scroll: Sermon of Justice
Scroll: Shining Bulwark
Scroll: Silent Behest
Scroll: Sound of Thunder
Scroll: Spiritual Remedy
Scroll: Splash of Atonement
Scroll: Staunch Stance
Scroll: Stormbound Keeper
Scroll: Syllable of Convalescence
Scroll: Symbol of Niparson
Scroll: Tectonic Destruction
Scroll: Unblemished Blood
Scroll: Unified Hand of Nonia
Scroll: Unified Hand of Surety
Scroll: Unified Surety
Scroll: Unity of Nonia
Scroll: Vow of Vigor
Scroll: Vow of Virulence
Scroll: Ward of Censure
Scroll: Ward of Surety
Scroll: Wave of Grief
Scroll: Word of Convalescence
Scroll: Word of Greater Reformation
Scroll: Yaulp XIV
Tome: Armor of Ardency
Tome: Breather
Tome: Repel
Tome: Skalber Mantle
Tome: Unflinching Affirmation