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The Darkened Sea Progression

In The Darkend Sea, you will have 3 zones to start in, Tempest Temple, Katta Castrum: Deluge and Brother Island, you will need to flag to unlock the rest.
Flagging is as Follows (you must do it all to get to the proper zones and you must do it in the order of zones listed, you can do some out of order like group missions first if you have someone to request, but all still must be done):

Tempest Temple: A Rising Storm, Gathering Clouds, Clearer Skies

Katta Castrum: Deluge: The Pellarus Satum, The Edge of Balance, The Absent Scholar

You are now flagged for Caverns of Endless Song!

Brother Island: Just Recompense, The Cover of Night

Caverns of Endless Song: Loyal is the Heart, Leave No Brother Behind, Two Sides of the Shield

You are now flagged for Degmar, the Lost Castle!

Degmar, the Lost Castle: The Sacred Profaned, Castle Relic, Crying for the Dead, Burden of the Past

You are now flagged for Thuliasaur Island!

Thuliasaur Island: An Endless Cycle, To Remake Eden, Fit for the New World

You are now flagged for Combine Dredge!

Combine Dredge: A Fickle Wind Blows, What Hate Begets, Deep Lies the Snow

You are now flagged for Arx Mentis!

Arx Mentis: Free Us From Ourselves, A Beginning From an End, All Rivers Lead to the Sea, The Cost of Balance

You are now flagged to Request Raids in The Darkend Sea!

You may also do the final Group Mission: Confronting Calix

The Darkened Sea Progression By: Riou On: October 28, 2014, 11:42:46 AM

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